Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave

Cylindrical Autoclave Sterilizer

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave Sterilizer

ethylene oxide sterilizer

ABF research and development efforts resulted in good quality products with excellent and precise process control as per needs of customer and their level of satisfaction.

Horizontal Cylindrical autoclave

are available in different models and for the suitable applications.
  • Vertical sterilizers (Microbiology lab) with swing doors.
  • Horizontal cylindrical Autoclave sterilizers (Microbiology lab) with conventional radial arm.
  • Horizontal rectangular sterilizers with conventional radial arm and also with sliding doors.
  • Bung processor cum sterilizer.

All models are available with SINGLE/DOUBLE door design except vertical which is available only with single door.
Special Features of Horizontal Cylindrical autoclave:

  • Specially designed chamber to ensure complete condensate removal.
  • Specially designed connector/nozzles sanitary type to avoid any chances of contamination.
  • Special welding technique to avoid welding depressions inside the chamber.
  • Excellent chamber finish with crevice free construction to avoid chances of contamination.
  • Uniform distribution of steam to achieve uniform temperature + 0.1.5oC
  • Sterile air filter (0.01micron) for vacuum break is provided on sterile side.
  • Automatic control with PLC based Sterilizer control panel.