Industrial Reactor manufacturer in mumbai

Industrial Reactor manufacturer in mumbai

reaction vessel


reaction vessel


We offer high quality Industrial Reactor in different capacities ranging from 50 liters to 15,000 liters. Fabricated from superior grade of stainless steel, these vessels can be provided with different types of agitators such as anchor type, propeller type, paddle type, pitched blade turbine type of high-speed homogenizer. The unique design of our reaction vessels allow the conditions to be controlled for fastest possible chemical reaction.

reaction vessel

Chemical reactors are vessels designed to contain chemical reactions. One example is a pressure reactor. The design of a chemical reactor deals with multiple aspects of chemical engineering. Chemical engineers design reactors to maximize net present value for the given reaction. Designers ensure that the reaction proceeds with the highest efficiency towards the desired output product, producing the highest yield of product while requiring the least amount of money to purchase and operate. Normal operating expenses include energy input, energy removal, raw material costs, labor, etc. Energy changes can come in the form of heating or cooling, pumping to increase pressure, frictional pressure loss (such as pressure drop across a 90° elbow or an orifice plate), agitation, etc.

Polymerization reactor Description

reactor for Emulsion Polymerization

Reactor for emulsion polymerization

Reactor is the main machine for making viscous raw materials, such as resin, paint, glue, silicone oil, etc.


1. Resin: Polyurethane resin, Polyester resin, Alkyd resin, Unsaturated polyester resin, Saturated reisn, Acrylic resin, Phenolic resin, Urea-formaldehyde resin, Epoxy resin, Amino resin, etc.

2. Paint: White latex, Water based paint, Oil based paint, Curing agent (hardener), Thinner, etc.

3. Glue: Acrylic emulsion glue, Urea-formaldehyde glue, Epoxy potting glue, Polyurethane sealant/ adhesive, Water based polyurethane, Liquid nails (Free-nail glue), etc.

4. Silicone oil: Silicone oil, Scrap silicone cracking for silicone oil, etc.

2. Model Selection Reference Of reactor for emulsion polymerization

Design Pressure(Mpa)Atmospheric or under pressure
MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, graphite
Heating FormsElectrical heating with medium in jacket, external half-pipe coil steam heating, external half-pipe conduction oil heating, hot water infrared heating.
Cooling FormsRefrigeration medium in the internal pipe coil or jacket
Blending PowerModel selection is made according to material viscosity, liquid-solid ratio, liquid specific gravity, solid specific gravity, solid granularity, rotation speed, paddle type, with or without baffle or internal coil.
Stirring Blade FormsAnchor type, frame type, flat paddle type, pitched paddle type, ribbon type, turbo type, pusher type and multiple compound type.
SealMechanical seal or stuff packing seal
Inner Surface Treatmentpolished or no polished
Discharge ValveFlanged ball valve open downward discharge valve and others
Technological Pipe HoleManhole, sight glass, distillation hole, feed material hole, pressure gauge hole, temp. hole, etc. According to the process requirements increase or decrease


3. Techincal Parameters Of high quality  reactor for white latex 
Type 50L 100L200L300L500L1000L1500L2000L3000L4000L5000L
Cylinder Size(mm)450×500450×500600×700750×750900×8001200×10001300×12001400×15001600×15001700×18001800×2000
Actual Capacity(L)61150253396699139321663000406654006600
Jacket Capacity(L)65120200250290560617750101512261440
Heating Area()0.781.361.92.412.74.55.9791112.8
Motor Power(kw)0.551.11.532.
Rotating Speed(r/min)8585858585858585636363
Discharg ing ValveDN25DN25DN40DN40DN50DN50DN50DN65DN65DN80DN80

Agitator types
Reaction Vessel, Jacketed Reaction Vessel, Limpet Coil Reaction Vessel, Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel manufacturer and supplier India