Rotary Air Lock Valve

Rotary Air Lock Valve

Rotary airlock is also known as rotary valve, rotary feeder or airlock feeder. The main function of a rotary valve is to control flow of bulk solids from silo, mixer, cyclone or hopper under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions. Airlocks can work on pressure and vacuum applications.

Rotary Air Lock valve

These are kinds of rotary feeder are ideal for feeding and metering processes in addition to offering excellent inhibiting of loss of air pressure. These uphold the operating pressure. Our rotary airlocks valves have the state-of-the-art greater pocket that permits more volume which permits the rotor to work at least speed. These offer negligible air leaking, durable life span, least maintenance and high cost-effectiveness. These are particularly very comprehensively applied to releasing dust from cyclone separators or bag filter. We offer them in diverse assortment of sizes in addition to capacities as needed by our customers. Our valves are made qualitatively in adherence to the norms of the industry. They are made with quality maintenance at every phase of production. They are very affordable too. We are the leading Rotary Valves Exporter of India.

Rotary Air lock Valves are a type of rotary feeder and are often referred to simply as a Rotary Airlock or Rotary Valve. They provide feeding and metering functionality of a standard rotary feeder but their primary duty is to maintain pressure and provide an optimal airlock seal between different product conveying transitions, such as gravity to pneumatic conveying lines. An optimal airlock condition is essential to prevent air pressure loss in high pressure and high temperature conveying systems.

Bulk material handling of rotary airlock discharge valve

The flow-through rotary airlock (discharge valve) is used in wide range of applications. The media enters from the top and exits from the bottom flange of rotary valve. This machine has exquisite appearance. It can separate the air and the media and calculate the production. It is usually connected under the cyclone and can control the flow rate of the media.



Sr.No Diameter (mm) Lit/ Rev Motor HP Empty Weight In Kg Flange to Flange Height Width (A X A') Flange Opening
1 150 3.0 0.5 100 280 520 x 530 Round
2 200 5.4 0.5 125 325 575 x 580 Round
3 250 10.4 1.0 160 400 650 x 580 Round
4 300 16 1.5 200 450 720 x 760 Round
5 350 28 2.0 250 520 770 x 900 Round
6 400 48 3.0 400 570 880 x 880 Square
7 450 62 3.0 450 640 1010 x 750 Square

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