Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel

Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel

  • Multi-functional Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Multi-functional Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Jacketed vessel introduction The jacketed reactor is a normal reactor with an interlayer, The interlayer is filled with heat, like hot water, hot oil or gas. The general understanding of the reactor is that there is a physical or chemical reaction in the container, the...

  • Jacketed Reactor Vessel Multiple Reactor System

    Jacketed Reactor Vessel Multiple Reactor System

    Jacketed reactor vessel introduction Jacketed reactor is designed based on full mixing of reaction materials, which have very good results by adopting mixing equipment in the physical change process of heating, cooling, liquid extraction, and air absorption. This series...

  • Energy-saving Stainless Steel Chemical Reaction Tank

    Chemical Reaction Vessels Safety

    Chemical reactor vessel description The reactor is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, stirrer, transmission device, shaft seal device, support and so on. The reactor is working in the production Cheng mainly play the evaporation, reaction, synthesis,...

  • Chemical Pharma Vessel Catalytic Reactor

    Chemical Pharma Vessel Catalytic Reactor

    Catalytic reactor design introduction Reactor is main machines used for resin, paint, glue, silicone oil making. Features 1.According to different processes, the reactor can be vacuum, hermetic seal, heating, or cooling. It can be configured with many kind of heating and...

  • Medical Chemical Multi-functional Filter Washing and Drying Three in One Machine

    Medical Chemical Multi-functional Filter Washing and Drying Three in One Machine

    Multi-functions filtering washing drying(three in one) machine introduction The filtering, washing and drying "three-in-one equipment" can simultaneously replace filtering and drying equipment (suction filter, pressure filter, double cone dryer, drying oven, etc.)....

  • Chemical Plant Polymerization Reactor

    Chemical Plant Polymerization Reactor

    Fixed bed reactor introduction 1. Operating principle: Break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling, heating and cooling, to promote the reaction of polymerization. 2. Components: Body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc. 3....

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