Contra Rotary Mixer

Contra Rotary Mixer

Contra Rotary Mixer Manufacturers:

Contra Rotary Mixer

Contra rotary Mixer principle of works:

Contra rotations of Multiple Blades for simultaneous beatings with scraping operations. The contra mixer mostly demanding used for viscous product manufacturing Tooth Paste, High Viscous products, Creams, Herbal toothpaste , Ayurvedic product, Cosmetics as well other viscous products.



Contra Rotating Mixers - Contra Mixer for tooth paste, shaving cream, beauty cream and chyavanparash. Application for Contra Mixer : Contra Rotary Mixer manufacturing and suitable for Paste , viscus Materials, Chyavanparash. tooth paste, shaving cream, beauty cream. Contra Rotary Mixer working principle of Contra rotation Blades for scraping operation and simultaneous beating . The ointment and toothpaste mixer is mostly for manufacturing Toothpaste, viscous Creams, Cosmetics shaving cream, beauty cream and chyavanparash. We offered 10 liters to 1000 liters contra mixer equipment and Material of construction SS 304 or 316/ 316 L, contra mixer machine used for mixing and product blending liquid-solid paste, gel in various viscous paste materials. We make contra mixer is available designs and batch sizes as Well customized per the requirements of the clients. Optional "PLC with color touch screen " based operating panel for automation. Variable speed drive for main motor for variable rpm of mixing assembly. Online sampling port to take sample of product during mixing. Inline homogenizer or Colloid Mill Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant Contra Rotating Mixer Shampoo Manufacturing Plant Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant Talcum Powder Manufacturing Plant Planetary Mixer Model Gel Manufacturing plant Cream Manufacturing plant The machine unit is featured by simple operation, stable performance, good homogenizing performance, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, small land area and high automatic degree etc.

Body Care and Cleaning manufacturing plant

Products Lotions / Creams / Gels

Mixer and Skin Protection Products manufacturing plant

Mixer and manufacturing plant  for Sun Creams and Lotions / Sun Gels 
After Sun Products manufactuirng plant
Hand Washing Paste manufacturing plant
Liquid Soap manufacturing plant

Hair Care Products manufacturing plant / Mixer

Shampoos manufacturing plant / Mixer
Conditioners manufacturing plant / Mixer
Intensive Hair Treatments manufacturing plant / Mixer
Hair Dyes and Colorings manufacturing plant / Mixer

Many other Cosmetics products
manufacturing plant / Mixer

Tooth Paste manufacturing plant / Mixer
Deodorant stick paste manufacturing plant / Mixer
Mascara manufacturing plant / Mixer
Shaving Creams manufacturing plant / Mixer
Bath Additives manufacturing plant / Mixer
Foot care Products & Many more…….manufacturing plant / Mixer we can make as per customer requirements customized

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It is suitable for production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants.
The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content.

Daily chemical and cosmetics industry:

  • baby cream, shaving cream, cream shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, sunscreen cream, face cleanser, moisture cream, detergent, shampoo…

Pharmacy industry:

  • Emulsion, emulsifier, ointment, syrup….

Food industry:

  • sauce, cheese, oral syrup, nutrient solution, infant food, chocolate, saccharine…..

Chemical industry:

  • latex, saponification, paint, resin, adhesives, lubricating agent….

Pharma Machinery